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Don't get swept away by the spin on health care

medical spin2016-08-22 Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC

We better be careful not to get swept away by the spin of BC Liberals pre-election buzz.

And when it comes to the spin on health care they're not alone.

The same spin seems to be coming from the leaders of the medical association DoctorsOfBC. Is this the result of being co-managers of BC healthcare for almost a decade through the GPSC and other initiatives?

Is it any surprise they are all so complimenting of each other?

What are we to believe? That they have a plan? That it's going to work, someday, soon?

Yes, the plan to spend tax payer dollars is happening. Billions of dollars and hundreds of millions over budget. So where are the results?

The future of medicine and health care in BC and Canada: Where are we going?

Norman Rockwell Doctors Office2016-07-21 Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC

What is the future of medicine and health care in BC and Canada? Where are we going?

While everyone is out having fun in the summertime, the Government and other organizations, use the time to put out information they know few people will have time to see or digest. Much like they also use the busy time of Christmas and the winter holiday season to slip through items. Some people may just consider it prudent timing, others may see it as deliberate avoidance of proper public consultation.

The Free Software movement reaches thirty years, why is it so important?

Free as in freedom book coverThirty years ago in September 1983 Richard Stallman launched the campaign for freedom in computing, for software to be free. He is the founder and president of the Free Software Foundation (, pioneer of the concept of copyleft and the main author of the GNU General Public License, the most widely used free software license.

He writes, "Non-free software makes users surrender control over their computing to someone else, but now there is another way to lose it: Service as a Software Substitute, or SaaSS, which means letting someone else’s server do your own computing activities. Both non-free software and SaaSS can spy on the user, shackle the user, and even attack the user."

eHealth series in the Province newspaper

Vancouver, BC - Sep 24, 2013

Beginning at the end of last week and continuing this week the Province newspaper is publishing a series of articles on eHealth.

Topics so far include:

Video link saves time all around.

Website brings help to chronic disease sufferers.

New Electronic tools are making patients active partners in their own health care.

Isn't there a medical app for that?

A doctor, a patient and an iPad: Innovation on the front lines.

Don’t FIPPA your PIPA without knowing this when it comes to personal health information.

Vancouver, BC – May 3, 2010

Stethoscope and keyboardWhen it comes to the privacy of personal health information everyone in British Columbia needs to know how FIPPA (also known as FOIPPA) is different from PIPA, and the same may apply in other jurisdictions across Canada and elsewhere.

This is of particular importance when information is shared between your doctor's private office and a hospital or clinic operated by the Health Authority which is a public body.

In BC, three different legislative Acts govern the privacy and protection of individual personal health information.  There are some very important differences in how these work and the results they have that should be known to all doctors, health providers and patients/clients.

Highlights of the BC OSCAR-EMR Users Group Meeting

Vancouver, BC - April 27, 2010

Oscar EMRThe two-day meeting held on April 19-20, 2010 in Vancouver was very well attended with over 150 people including physicians, office staff and system providers and integrators.  There was a buzz of excitement throughout the two days of meetings and many “ah-ha” moments amongst those attending.

Here are three highlights from the meeting, not in any particular order: the OSCAR-CAISI integration, the MyDrugRef physician social network for sharing prescribing tips that are also displayed in the new OSCAR prescription module, and the MyOscar personal controlled health record for patients to receive and even provide medical chart information as participants in their own health care with their physician and health team.

Virtual Box machines for beginners

Sun Virtual BoxApril 25, 2010

Virtual Box is amazing and it's free, open-source software.

Imagine your computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, is a box.  In that box is your machine.  Maybe its a Windows machine or an Apple MacOS machine or a Linux Ubuntu machine.

Now imagine, inside your computer you can create new boxes that can each be different machines.

Your Windows desktop or laptop computer can now have a Linux machine in its own virtual box.  The same applies if your computer is an Apple/Mac or a Linux machine it can have virtual boxes for a Windows machine or any other.  And your computer can have several different virtual machines running at the same time.

Let's start, maybe you have been wondering what it would be like to use a Ubuntu Linux desktop or wondering about trying an EMR like Oscar.

BC Auditor General issues report on Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation.

Health professionals not effectively or adequately engaged.

Approach should ensure health professionals, stakeholders and the public are informed.

BC Auditor General, EHR implementation in BCOn February 17, 2010 the Auditor General of BC, John Doyle, issued his report on “Electronic Health Record Implementation in British Columbia” which is available on their website

In his report, the BC Auditor General, acknowledges “The development and implementation of an EHR system … is a complex and high-risk endeavour … because of the large investment of public funds” and “because collecting, storing and disclosing information electronically raises concerns about the privacy and security of personal health information”.

Health Records and Privacy (Humour?)

In 2004, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) produced a satirical video called “Ordering Pizza in 2015”. If you haven't already seen this, here it is, a humorous piece.

You can also check out their home page for other interesting news stories,

Tech Topic: Computer Servers

Anyone interested in the technical subject of servers might be interested in this site, that provides links to many general and technical articles.

Check out the link to the Linux Newbie Administrator Guide. This might be just the ticket you are looking for. It starts with sections on "For the Undecided: Linux Benefit" and "Before Linux Installation". And the Table of Contents is quite comprehensive.

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