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The revised International Code of Medical Ethics unites doctors under one global medical ethos

BMJ - British Medical Journal - 8 hours 7 min ago
Increasing global mobility, and the growing plurality in society that comes with it, has an undeniable effect on medical practice. The likelihood of patients consulting doctors with different cultural backgrounds, religions, or secular values has increased substantially. This raises several essential questions for the medical profession around whether patients can expect a core set of ethical norms from all doctors regardless of their location, backgrounds, and beliefs or whether patients have to accept that ethical norms will differ depending on where they are in the world. We firmly believe that the medical profession across the world needs common answers to such questions and that there should be (and is) a core set of ethical norms for the world’s doctors.The World Medical Association (WMA) was founded after the second world war largely to re-establish trust in the medical profession by re-affirming that there were some norms of medical practice that must...
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US FDA breakthrough therapy designation and consumer drug advertising: a recipe for confusion

BMJ - British Medical Journal - 8 hours 12 min ago
In 2012, the US Congress gave the Food and Drug Administration authority to grant “breakthrough therapy” designation to expedite development and regulatory review of new drugs. The designation is used for potential treatments for serious conditions when preliminary evidence suggests they may perform substantially better than available alternatives on “clinically significant endpoints.” Preliminary evidence can include surrogate marker endpoints reasonably likely to predict clinical benefit, such as imaging changes and biomarkers. The programme has been successful in at least one way: an analysis of FDA approved drugs from 2015 to 2022 found that breakthrough designation was associated with a two year reduction in clinical development time.1 However, these therapies are approved on the basis of less rigorous evidence, often a single pivotal clinical trial instead of two, and trials that are smaller and weaker in design.2Manufacturers had requested around 1400 breakthrough designations for candidate drugs as of October 2023, 537...
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Martha’s rule to be rolled out in English hospitals from April

BMJ - British Medical Journal - 8 hours 32 min ago
Martha’s rule will be rolled out across hospitals in England from April, enabling patients and families to seek an urgent review if the patient’s condition deteriorates, the NHS England chief executive has announced.Amanda Pritchard said the programme had the potential to save many lives in the future and thanked the family of Martha Mills for their important campaigning.Martha was 13 years old when she died from sepsis in 2021.1 Her parents, Merope Mills and Paul Laity, said that they were not listened to when they expressed concern about Martha’s deterioration and called for changes to make it easier to ask for a second opinion.Extensive campaigning by Mills and Laity, supported by the cross party think tank Demos, has seen widespread support for a single system that allows patients of any age or their families to trigger an urgent clinical review from a different team in the hospital if the patient’s...
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Are You Ready to Rank?

AAFP News - 8 hours 41 min ago
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