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Health News

Quebec health minister and doctors' federation reach agreement on GAP medical service

CBC Health News - 4 hours 59 min ago

Earlier in the day, Quebec Minister of Health Christian Dubé forecasted an imminent agreement  with doctors on the province’s Guichet d'accès à la première ligne (GAP).

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U.S. Supreme Court unanimously rejects challenge to providing abortion pill

CBC Health News - 10 hours 36 min ago

The U.S. Supreme Court rejected a bid by anti-abortion groups and doctors to restrict access to the abortion pill mifepristone, handing a victory on Thursday to President Joe Biden's administration in its efforts to preserve broad access to the drug.

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Alberta pathologist shocked after name forged on fake prescriptions for oxycodone in Toronto area

CBC Health News - 15 hours 16 min ago

A Calgary doctor recently discovered that, unbeknownst to him, his name was being used on forged prescriptions as they were shopped around pharmacies in Ontario.

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Cancer survivors demand clarity on future of Edmonton facial reconstruction clinic

CBC Health News - 16 hours 16 min ago

Michelle Fuller lost her right eye, cheekbone, some upper teeth and part of the roof of her mouth to cancer. A medical device made of metal and plastic allows her to speak, swallow and eat.

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Most jurisdictions don't track deaths of homeless people — but that could soon change

CBC Health News - 17 hours 16 min ago

A new national process that spells out how to track more information on the deaths of homeless people could provide vital information to governments and people on the front lines of the housing and toxic drug crises.

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Céline Dion on her health issues and plans for a comeback: 'I will sing again'

CBC Health News - 18 hours 16 min ago

Pop icon Céline Dion sits down with CBC News to discuss her health after being diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome, her upcoming documentary, how much she misses her fans — and her vow to sing once again.

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Father of Calgary woman starving herself to death abandons court fight against her MAID approval

CBC Health News - Wed, 2024-06-12 19:19

A Calgary father fighting through the courts to keep his 27-year-old daughter from accessing medical assistance in dying (MAID) has abandoned his appeal, 14 days after she stopped eating and drinking.

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Ontario moved 424 people into nursing homes they didn't choose

CBC Health News - Wed, 2024-06-12 10:25

Many families are having to make the tough choice between putting loved ones in nursing homes they didn't choose, or racking up thousands in hospital bills.

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Inhalation rooms in safe consumption sites could save lives, Alberta advocates say

CBC Health News - Wed, 2024-06-12 05:00

Alberta’s seven supervised consumption sites lack something advocates say would save lives — a room where users can inhale drugs, with medical staff ready to intervene if they ingest a poisoned batch that could kill them.

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Sask. sees astronomical spike in Ozempic claims, many for weight loss

CBC Health News - Wed, 2024-06-12 03:00

Claims for the diabetes drug Ozempic have seen an astronomical jump in Saskatchewan, and government figures show many are not for Type 2 diabetes.

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Quebec College of Physicians adopts policies to prevent forced sterilization of Indigenous women

CBC Health News - Wed, 2024-06-12 01:00

After a report two years ago found more than 20 Indigenous women in Quebec were victims of forced sterilizations since 1980, the province’s College of Physicians is introducing new rules to try to make sure it never happens again.

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Ontario plastics plant facing government orders to reduce toxic emissions will shut down permanently

CBC Health News - Tue, 2024-06-11 10:43

A plastics plant in southwestern Ontario that was ordered by the province and federal government to reduce emissions of the cancer-causing chemical benzene now says it will permanently shut down. 

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Researchers hope findings will help ease lockdown loneliness in long-term care if restrictions return

CBC Health News - Tue, 2024-06-11 10:23

A new report explores the loneliness and isolation residents of long-term care felt in Newfoundland and Labrador as a result of lockdowns caused by COVID-19, and what can be done to ensure residents are supported if something similar happens again.

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Dalhousie University halts Saint John cardiac training after students allege harassment

CBC Health News - Tue, 2024-06-11 02:00

Dalhousie University has pulled all medical students and post-graduate trainees from any cardiac training at the Saint John Regional Hospital and New Brunswick Heart Centre after some complained about alleged harassment and the learning environment, CBC News has learned.

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N.S. program to help pay for diabetes care leaves out many who rely on insulin

CBC Health News - Tue, 2024-06-11 02:00

A new program helps cover the cost of sensor-based glucose monitors in Nova Scotia, but the criteria is leaving some who depend on insulin to manage their diabetes ineligible.

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Some still think periods can sync up. That's why it's so important to debunk menstruation myths

CBC Health News - Tue, 2024-06-11 01:00

Period myths online abound, and many have been around for ages. But platforms like TikTok and Instagram cause these myths to spread faster and reach a wider audience. To combat that, a movement of people is trying to change how we talk — and learn — about our periods.

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Ransomware attack on England's health system highlights life-threatening impact of cybercrime

CBC Health News - Tue, 2024-06-11 01:00

A ransomware attack disrupted several London hospitals' ability to match patients to their correct blood type, leading to an urgent call for O positive and negative donors. The incident underlines the severity of the ransomware epidemic.

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Canada, U.K. launch joint privacy probe into 23andMe data breach

CBC Health News - Mon, 2024-06-10 09:31

Canada's privacy commissioner is teaming up with his U.K. counterpart to investigate a data breach discovered last year at genetic testing company 23andMe.

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Can a diet that's good for the planet reduce your risk of dying from disease?

CBC Health News - Mon, 2024-06-10 04:00

A new study finds that sticking close to the Planetary Health Diet, developed in 2019 to be a more environmentally sustainable way to feed the world, is associated with a lower risk of dying by cancer, and cardiovascular, respiratory and neurodegenerative diseases.

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