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The Free Software movement reaches thirty years, why is it so important?

Free as in freedom book coverThirty years ago in September 1983 Richard Stallman launched the campaign for freedom in computing, for software to be free. He is the founder and president of the Free Software Foundation (, pioneer of the concept of copyleft and the main author of the GNU General Public License, the most widely used free software license.

He writes, "Non-free software makes users surrender control over their computing to someone else, but now there is another way to lose it: Service as a Software Substitute, or SaaSS, which means letting someone else’s server do your own computing activities. Both non-free software and SaaSS can spy on the user, shackle the user, and even attack the user."

Medical Post "BCMA: EMR commitment worries B.C. MDs"

Here is the link to the full text of one of two Medical Post articles referenced in a recent BCMA News Flash.

Medical Post - BCMA: EMR commitment worries B.C. MDs

Just the start:

"BCMA: EMR commitment worries B.C. MDs
July 04, 2006 | Matt Borsellino
Article from the BCMA's annual meeting
Patient confidentiality and vendor competition cited as ‘huge concerns’

Privacy of Patient Records - Vancouver Sun Editorial

The editorial in yesterday's Vancouver Sun shows that others are also concerned:

Questions about online medical records
The Vancouver Sun
Wed 10 May 2006
Page: A15
Section: Editorial
Byline: Gordon Greenhow
Column: Soundoff
Source: Special to the Sun

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