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The PMA results are in but how much support is there really? - the Simi Sara Show, CKNW

The results of the vote on the 2012 Physician Master Agreement (PMA) are in but how much support is there for it, really?

Listen to The Simi Sara Show July 25, 2012 broadcast on CKNW Radio and the Chorus network.

The show starts with Dr Shelley Ross, BCMA President and host Michael Smyth on the Bill Good Show including an audio clip of Dr Roland Orfaly.

Then Simi Sara speaks with Dr Dennis Karpiak and Dr Zafar Essak.

Here it is.

Dr Karpiak on Bill Good CKNW - Bureaucracy in health care is not sustainable

Dr Dennis Karpiak, Internist and former BCMA Board Director from the Interior of BC speaking on the Bill Good Show CKNW radio 980 on July 10, 2012.

"It's become increasingly more difficult to sustain a practice in this province."

"The BCMA 20 years ago formed the Regionalization committee that predicted the rise of bureaucracy and a decline in patient care funding."

"Currently you can walk through any hospital and you'll see more administration offices than patient rooms."

Listen to the whole interview.

Bill Good CKNW interview with Dr Essak on why the 2012 PMA should be rejected

For those who would like to hear the Bill Good CKNW interview with Dr Z. Essak on why the 2012 PMA should be rejected, broadcast on July  4, 2012. Here it is.

Don’t FIPPA your PIPA without knowing this when it comes to personal health information.

Vancouver, BC – May 3, 2010

Stethoscope and keyboardWhen it comes to the privacy of personal health information everyone in British Columbia needs to know how FIPPA (also known as FOIPPA) is different from PIPA, and the same may apply in other jurisdictions across Canada and elsewhere.

This is of particular importance when information is shared between your doctor's private office and a hospital or clinic operated by the Health Authority which is a public body.

In BC, three different legislative Acts govern the privacy and protection of individual personal health information.  There are some very important differences in how these work and the results they have that should be known to all doctors, health providers and patients/clients.

BC Auditor General issues report on Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation.

Health professionals not effectively or adequately engaged.

Approach should ensure health professionals, stakeholders and the public are informed.

BC Auditor General, EHR implementation in BCOn February 17, 2010 the Auditor General of BC, John Doyle, issued his report on “Electronic Health Record Implementation in British Columbia” which is available on their website

In his report, the BC Auditor General, acknowledges “The development and implementation of an EHR system … is a complex and high-risk endeavour … because of the large investment of public funds” and “because collecting, storing and disclosing information electronically raises concerns about the privacy and security of personal health information”.

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