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Not the only nail in the coffin of democracy at the Canadian Medical Association

Not the only nail in the coffin of democracyDr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver BC - August 11, 2021.

In less than two weeks, on August 22, 2021 the Canadian Medical Association will hold its AGM as a virtual meeting with proposed bylaw amendments that some doctors say will be the end of democracy at the CMA. While the proposed bylaw amendments deserve to be defeated by physician members, it is not the whole story. This is not the only nail in the coffin of democracy in the CMA and in the medical profession throughout the country and the provinces.

Update on CPSBC Bylaw Amendments - Associate Physician

We wish to express our sincere thanks to the more than 600 BC physicians who signed the group response letter in less than 48 hours. The overwhelming response with more than 150 comments expressed strong concerns about the precedent-setting CPSBC Bylaw amendments and the potential detrimental effect on patient safety and the quality of care delivered in BC. Please see our update letter sharing what we have learned and what can be done to help uphold the integrity of physician practice in BC, keeping our patients, communities, and families safe.

2018 Doctors of BC President-Elect election debate

2018-05-14 Vancouver, BC Dr Z. Essak, MD2018 DoBC President Elect Debate

A must see. The 2018 Annual Dr Jim Busser Memorial election debate was live video streamed on May 9 and can be viewed anytime through the Vancouver Medical Association website (link below).

Kudos to Dr Charles Webb for keeping alive the memory and spirit of Dr Jim Busser. Kudos also to the moderator Dr Arun Garg encouraging questions and kudos to the participants present and remote for asking questions.

Beyond the opening formalities it gets interesting as questions are asked on what more should we be doing for future physicians, the lack of access, what are the main problems, use of allied professionals and physician extenders.

Dr. McDonnell on the History of Medicine in BC

This was included as part of another post on but may be more useful as a separate post, especially for history buffs.

In particular the article attached, [6] McDonnell - Early medical legislation

The full series of 12 articles by Dr. McDonnell on the History of Medicine in BC may be of interest to readers and can be obtained from public library resources and other libraries:

Will BC doctors do something before it's too late?

Doctors hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing.Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver BC - September 9, 2017.

There are a lot of calamities in the world today grabbing our attention so why is this important now?

This directly affects our BC health care system, which has slipped from being one of the best in the world to below the top ten. You don't have to tell patients and families who need care, they already see the cracks and hurdles everyday as they wait and hope to get the care they need.

What is happening this week at the BC Medical Association, the Doctors of BC, is critical. They are a well-funded, important organization that negotiates on behalf of all doctors with the BC Government and co-managing public health care. This affects not only doctors but patients and everyone in BC. It cannot be ignored.

Doctors may have become apathetic and cynical with low professional satisfaction as they feel overworked and struggle trying to get people the care they need. However, now is a critical time for them to consider these important facts. If they don't act now things may get a lot worse.

Dr Eric Cadesky becomes new President-Elect Doctors Of BC

Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver BC - July 26, 2017.

Congratulations to Dr Eric Cadesky on winning the election for President-Elect of the Doctors Of BC, the BC Medical Association.

It has been an interesting campaign with opportunities to get to know both candidates, Dr Eric Cadesky and Dr Jean-Noel Mahy, through not only their websites but also meeting them in person at the debate and for everyone to see them on the YouTube live stream and recorded video of the debate.

Seeing both candidates making such efforts to promote thought and discussion about health care in BC it is disappointing that only 16 percent of doctor members even voted.

Dr. James Busser

DrBusser-tweetsI enjoyed the privilege of attending the celebration of the life of the late Jim Busser on this Friday past. I was already aware that he had been an exceptional human being, yet it was a remarkable revelation to listen to the recollections of those who rose to speak of their connections with him. 

VMA and WMA hosting debate July 12 with President Elect candidates

The VMA website, has a notice of a Special Event on July 12, 2017 featuring the candidates for DoctorsOfBC President Elect, Dr Cadesky and Dr Mahy, with Dr Arun Garg as moderator.

The event will be held at the Seasons in the Park at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver with pre-dinner cocktails at 17:30, dinner at 18:30 and the debate from 19:30 to 21:00.

The deadline to register for this event is Wednesday July 5th. I think this will be a very interesting event to attend.

With limited seats available I am happy to have mine confirmed and would encourage others interested in attending in person to get their reservations in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment or the risk of forgetting to register in time with the long weekend almost upon us followed by a short week that is bound to be busy as the deadline to register approaches.

Will the new BC Societies Act transition be a train wreck?

Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC - February 13, 2017.

Train wreckNo one can deny the importance of BC societies to communities large and small throughout the province, assisting all kinds of people as charitable and not for profit societies, including associations that represent occupations and professions.

What can we learn from the early example of transition by the Doctors of BC, the BC Medical Association, formerly a Reporting Society, declaring themselves to be a member-funded society and escaping public disclosure. Do they even meet the required criteria?

When we ask, it may come as a shock to learn the BC Registry is not confirming compliance requirements are met. Is the BC Government failing to provide proper leadership and oversight to the tasks of government?

Is the public trust being neglected? Will there be havoc on public interest and individual rights? Are we going to see a train wreck?

Opinion: B.C. doctors have been kept in the dark about Doctors of BC bylaw amendments

Dr Caroline Wang, Vancouver BC. January 18, 2017.

Doctors of BC members are being encouraged by the association’s leadership to vote in favour of proposed bylaw amendments to relinquish their democratic right to elect the board of directors. If passed, the new policies and governance structure would, in effect, disenfranchise the approximately 12,000 physician members as the owners of the sole representative association for the medical profession in B.C.

Most worrisome, the majority of doctors appear to be unaware of the profound implications and risks of the proposed changes that would impact physicians, patients and the health-care system. It’s little wonder that the vast majority of doctors, who are interested in practising medicine and not trained in matters of policy governance, would choose to ignore the governance referendum as irrelevant to their practice. They don’t know what they don’t know.

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