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BC's new Family Practice LFP model uptake at 45 percent, why are 55 percent still cautious?

Vancouver, BC - March 7, 2023

According to the DoBC Newsflash:

Doctors of BC says more than 2,000 physicians have signed up for the Longitudinal Family Practice pay scheme in the five weeks since it took effect, representing about 45 per cent of longitudinal family doctors. “That gives me great hope, and I think our entire negotiating team and the Ministry of Health some real optimism that we got the model right, because people are joining,” Doctors of BC president Dr Josh Greggain told Global News on Monday.

Is that correct? "We got the model right." At least enough for all the bureaucrats to be happy and smiling: "our entire negotiating team and the Ministry of Health". But, why are 55% of family doctors not so sure and staying with FFS, at least for now?

What do Family Doctors do?

Family doctor with patient combo, Norman Rockwell painting and photoDr Carmen Eadie, Vancouver BC, Sep 4, 2022.

The biggest problem with being a Family Doctor is that no one knows exactly what we do. We are involved in so many aspects of a person’s life that the lens is not clear to other people.

are you sure you want to drive this car ?

You are done driving your bicycle, as you have successfully completed your race car driving school.

You decide that it is time to buy a car and put your training to use, driving people around, to feed your family, pay your student loans, mortgage etc …

You go to the only car dealerships available, all state owned dealerships, and you have no choice as they have a state sanctioned monopoly.

The PMA results are in but how much support is there really? - the Simi Sara Show, CKNW

The results of the vote on the 2012 Physician Master Agreement (PMA) are in but how much support is there for it, really?

Listen to The Simi Sara Show July 25, 2012 broadcast on CKNW Radio and the Chorus network.

The show starts with Dr Shelley Ross, BCMA President and host Michael Smyth on the Bill Good Show including an audio clip of Dr Roland Orfaly.

Then Simi Sara speaks with Dr Dennis Karpiak and Dr Zafar Essak.

Here it is.

BC Doctors Urged to Reject the 2012 Physician Master Agreement

Vancouver, BC - July 3, 2012 - Z. Essak, MDReject 2012 PMA

Doctors across British Columbia are being asked to ratify a new Physician Master Agreement (PMA) by July 23, 2012 between the Government and the BC Medical Association.

I am a doctor who has read the new agreement and I am urging all BC doctors to look at the agreement and to reject it. The deadline is fast approaching for doctors in BC to vote on this important matter.

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