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are you sure you want to drive this car ?

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You are done driving your bicycle, as you have successfully completed your race car driving school.

You decide that it is time to buy a car and put your training to use, driving people around, to feed your family, pay your student loans, mortgage etc …

You go to the only car dealerships available, all state owned dealerships, and you have no choice as they have a state sanctioned monopoly.

Everything is under state control about your future experience with this car. You are as surprised as some of the co-pilots that are looking at "The Car" with you.

There is only one type of car and you are reminded by others, that, although this is reminiscent of the Lada's car story in USSR before the fall of the Berlin Wall, in reality this is good for society.

You and some co –pilots are stunned that you won’t be able to use your racing skills in this system.

The state own dealership notifies you, that the car is remotely driven and that there is no technology to switch to driver control mode, as this is illegal here.

The car is not really good, technology and looks, but you are also told that there has not been any R&D for 40 years and that all that should be done is look at ways to reorganize the dealership (not the car) to make it look more shiny.  Someone secretly tells you that there are so many (and increasing) managers in the dealership that all the money goes to salaries and there is not even much left to clean the floors of the dealership, let alone any improvement.  Even the car assembly line is starting to produce fewer cars as they have to divert some of the workers in the assembly line, to assist the many managers in the dealership.  They are now thinking of charging more for the car, to offset the cost of hiring yet more assistants to the managers.

You are told that no one is sure who the remote driver(s) is/are, and most importantly that the word in the street is that the remote drivers are not really qualified and that they cause lots of accidents, and that your passengers, yourself and others besides your car will be in great danger once you are driven around.

You are not allowed to meet any of the many administrators in the dealership because no one is really sure who is in charge. Every manager is afraid for his/her position.  Everyone keeps quiet ... the positions seem to change frequently... kind of like the musical chair.

The "car is fine", you hear at a distance by someone behind a black curtain.  Could it be an administrator ? You ask "no it is not fine, and who is running this", and you ask "who is behind the curtain"; but the voice dissipates and a door closes. Mystery.

Going back to the car.  You are told that there is also limited gas supply at the gas stations, also belonging to the state. 

The dealership lawyer warns you that when (not if) you get an accident, though you will not be directly or indirectly responsible for driving this car, you will be one hundred percent liable for any mishap.

Others, including prominent leaders, that are officially pro state car dealership, and pro “ no choice for anyone” tell you it is great the way it is, so everyone is kept down to the lowest common denominator for the sake of all.

However some of those people, fly abroad, to enjoy the choice of driving other cars.  They also go to underground race car events, driving some better car themselves.  When in public, they deny this, as they wish to avoid exposing the dilemma they have between their political aspirations and their self-interest..  

Some passenger, ignored most of the time, would love to pay extra to get around in more comfortable cars faster, like some politicians, freeing up state cars for those who can’t queue jump.

They go to more pricey restaurants and send their kids to private schools and no one would dare to say otherwise as it is their after tax dollars.

They are wondering why there is such double standard when it comes to driving a car and eventually fly elsewhere too.

While most passengers await for some leadership to get us out of this insane situation, the leaders keep doing the same thing over and over, hoping for a different result around each corner.

Rationing, increasing funding, rationning further, decreased funding... while looking at their prizms that only shows the U.S. as an alternative, for fear mongering purpose, the only thing that is improving is the job prospect for administrators and managers.

Do you really want to drive that car, and would you want to be a passenger in this car.

In a paragraph, this is our dearly beloved health car system, “the best in the world”, a system where we seem to be running out of ideas simply because thinking outside the box is not tolerated or even feared.  

How can anyone still think that rationing of a government run monopoly will ever become ethical and democratic for any of the stakeholders.  

This infantile idealism was never realized anywhere else, and will never be here.  

Our governments need to be told that their administration is simply unequipped and unqualified to micromanage our health care system and that big brother should stop cover things up and come clean with taxpayers.

Even the cubans and other soviet like systems understood this long ago and moved to two third health care systems.  Even European societies, more pragmatic but also more left leaning societies than ours have understood this, a long time ago.

I know that tap water (even if the state adds the chlorine) is better than bottled water but health care is a lot more complex than the business of bottling water. 

The sooner we Realize that we are no longer a model to the world, if ever we were, the sooner we can truly reform our health care system.


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