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Cannabis, marijuana, what do we know?

Chemurgy2016-10-16 Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC

Cannabis is a plant that has been part of human history for thousands of years and on every continent. The uses of cannabis are far beyond just medical and recreational use.

What do we really know about cannabis?

Is cannabis more than just good for medical and health use, is it also good for the economy and the environment?

Not sham, not flam, real substance

Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie2016-09-30 Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC

For many Canadians electing the Trudeau Liberal government in 2015 was in hope of a fresh move away from the sham of some past governments.

It was also in hope for more than just flamboyance, indeed a hope for real substance. Meaningful and effective governance of our country and in world affairs.

Almost one year into the Liberal mandate, 1 down 3 to go, and where are we?

What is the plan that will propel our economy, save our environment, ensure transparency and reduce bureaucracy?

Don't get swept away by the spin on health care

medical spin2016-08-22 Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC

We better be careful not to get swept away by the spin of BC Liberals pre-election buzz.

And when it comes to the spin on health care they're not alone.

The same spin seems to be coming from the leaders of the medical association DoctorsOfBC. Is this the result of being co-managers of BC healthcare for almost a decade through the GPSC and other initiatives?

Is it any surprise they are all so complimenting of each other?

What are we to believe? That they have a plan? That it's going to work, someday, soon?

Yes, the plan to spend tax payer dollars is happening. Billions of dollars and hundreds of millions over budget. So where are the results?

The future of medicine and health care in BC and Canada: Where are we going?

Norman Rockwell Doctors Office2016-07-21 Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC

What is the future of medicine and health care in BC and Canada? Where are we going?

While everyone is out having fun in the summertime, the Government and other organizations, use the time to put out information they know few people will have time to see or digest. Much like they also use the busy time of Christmas and the winter holiday season to slip through items. Some people may just consider it prudent timing, others may see it as deliberate avoidance of proper public consultation.

Survey results: Why did more than 70% not bother to vote in 2016 Doctors of BC elections

The results on the survey so far may come as a surprise.

Was it fair to ask these questions? Some comments have questioned this, but these are some of the questions that doctors have been asking each other in hallways, over coffee, and at meetings. So why not ask them in a survey?

The survey was not sponsored by anyone. All members of doclounge can use the survey tools to create a questionnaire and the survey was made public to allow the questions to be answered anonymously. The tools can be used for any kind of survey.

What are the results of the survey?

Why did more than 70% not even bother to vote in 2016 Doctors of BC elections?

The results of the Doctors of BC election for the 2016/2017 Board and CMA positions were announced on May 16, 2016.

More than seventy percent of doctors in BC did not even bother to vote in the election for the next President-Elect.

Two other positions on the Executive and all but one position on the Board were filled by acclamation while 3 districts have no board delegates whatsoever.

Why this disinterest? What do you think? Please complete our survey. Thank you.

Canadian Medical Association President Elect



15 JANUARY 2015 

Good Morning, I hope you are well. We are all aware of the politics of medicine in Canada and I believe the CMA could be crucial to the future of the profession for several reasons I won't elaborate here.

As you know it is BC's turn to select the next President of the CMA, and DoBC sent a message this morning asking members to vote on line for the candidate of their choice between 16 January - 23 February 2015.

CMAJ news: Alarm growing over limited access to BC PharmaNet data by scientists

CMAJ newsOn Monday April 22, 2013 the CMAJ, Canadian Medical Association Journal, published news of the growing alarm over limited access to BC PharmaNet data by scientists hobbling drug-safety watchdogs.

Spanning eleven months, amid abrupt dismissals of staff and scientists, a cloud of wrongful dismissal claims and pending an investigation, the ministry has severely restricted access to data from its PharmaNet databases.

Dr. David Henry, chief executive officer of the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences in Toronto, Ontario, warns "The most comprehensive data in Canada has been denied to us," noting that the BC government has failed to respond to repeated inquiries from alarmed scientists across Canada. "We've not been given a way forward."

Medical Post, EMR: The push is on to get connected

I just wanted to alert people to this article in the May 15, 2007 Medical Post. You will probably have to be registered on the new Medical Post web site to see it as direct (public) access has been eliminated, however the link is, "EMR: The push is on to get connected"

EMR: The push is on to get connected
May 15, 2007 | Kylie Taggart

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