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Not sham, not flam, real substance

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Justin Trudeau and wife Sophie2016-09-30 Dr Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC

For many Canadians electing the Trudeau Liberal government in 2015 was in hope of a fresh move away from the sham of some past governments.

It was also in hope for more than just flamboyance, indeed a hope for real substance. Meaningful and effective governance of our country and in world affairs.

Almost one year into the Liberal mandate, 1 down 3 to go, and where are we?

What is the plan that will propel our economy, save our environment, ensure transparency and reduce bureaucracy?

Will we see bold steps to click our country into gear for real change?

What help and hindrances will they encounter along the way?

Just a month ago, in August 2016, amongst media reports on the Canadian Medical Association annual meeting in Vancouver, BC was a headline "Doctors to give Trudeau an earful for his marijuana legalization plans." Following that, in September, the CMA proposed regulations and strict rules be introduced including historic standards of minimum age of 21.

Regulations often lead to bureaucracies that can exceed the service they provide.

What do we really know about cannabis? How should we proceed to legalize it? What human rights issues does it raise when individuals cross the border into the United States and other countries?



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