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Virtual Box machines for beginners

Sun Virtual BoxApril 25, 2010

Virtual Box is amazing and it's free, open-source software.

Imagine your computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, is a box.  In that box is your machine.  Maybe its a Windows machine or an Apple MacOS machine or a Linux Ubuntu machine.

Now imagine, inside your computer you can create new boxes that can each be different machines.

Your Windows desktop or laptop computer can now have a Linux machine in its own virtual box.  The same applies if your computer is an Apple/Mac or a Linux machine it can have virtual boxes for a Windows machine or any other.  And your computer can have several different virtual machines running at the same time.

Let's start, maybe you have been wondering what it would be like to use a Ubuntu Linux desktop or wondering about trying an EMR like Oscar.

BC Auditor General issues report on Electronic Health Record (EHR) Implementation.

Health professionals not effectively or adequately engaged.

Approach should ensure health professionals, stakeholders and the public are informed.

BC Auditor General, EHR implementation in BCOn February 17, 2010 the Auditor General of BC, John Doyle, issued his report on “Electronic Health Record Implementation in British Columbia” which is available on their website

In his report, the BC Auditor General, acknowledges “The development and implementation of an EHR system … is a complex and high-risk endeavour … because of the large investment of public funds” and “because collecting, storing and disclosing information electronically raises concerns about the privacy and security of personal health information”.

Help save MySQL - Petition not successful

2010-01-27 addendum

Oracle completed the acquisition of Sun Microsystems one week after the Eurpean Union gave its approval to the $7.4 billion (US) cash purchase.


The creator of MySQL, Michael "Monty" Widenius, has started an urgent campaign to help save MySQL from Oracle's clutches.  In his blog, he provides details on the dangers to the open-source MySQL in the acquisition by Oracle of Sun Microsystems.

Internet search activity as measures of human health trends

With millions of searches done on the Internet every day it is no surprise that search engine giants like Google are exploring many applications of the search activity data.

One interesting application of Internet search activity data is Google Flu Trends that while providing graphs of results from New Zealand, Australia and the United States, says of itself:

New Palm Pre sends data to Palm every day

This news feed from today about the new Palm Pre smart phone may be of interest to those who want to know about intrusions to their privacy.

Palm Pre users watch out. Palm may know a lot more about you than you would like to share.

Preserving cocoa flavanols during cooking and baking

Here's an interesting research article on cooking with cocoa and the impact on retaining the antioxidant activity and cocoa flavanols in the food.

Internet Diggbar and how to stop it

An article on the new Internet "feature" brought out by Digg appeared in the sidebar newsfeed today and caught my eye.  It's a very interesting article to read. Diggbar Is Evil - How to Stop it


BC Supreme Court Judgment slams BCMA Board

In a decision released November 17, 2008 the BC Supreme Court upheld a complaint by Dr. Caroline Wang, the former elected Honorary Secretary-Treasurer of the BCMA, and disbanded a "special committee" appointed by the BCMA Board in February to review Dr. Wang's conduct.

The Court noted that, “at no time has Dr. Wang or her legal counsel been notified of a complaint or an allegation that she violated any provision of the BCMA constitution, bylaws, Code of Conduct, or any common law duty of directors or officers.”

Mistakes were made (but not by me): Cognitive dissonance

Mistakes were made (but not by me): Why we justify foolish beliefs, bad decisions, and hurtful acts... a book co-authored by Elliot Aronson.

Psychiatrists specialize in the ails of individuals. Social psychologists specialize in the ails of groups. The eminent social psychologist Elliot Aronson was interviewed in a CBC audio "podcast" available from the following site:

It is an interesting program from the CBC radio “Ideas” on the subject of cognitive dissonance. It offers some insight into how people can so badly misinterpret things to fit their preconceived notions and prejudices and become incapable of accepting any other view.

The program runs about 50 minutes and I suspect if people even listen to just the first 12 minutes they might find it sufficiently compelling to listen to the rest. (The MP3 file can be imported into iTunes or other music manager or burned to CD.)

Health Records and Privacy (Humour?)

In 2004, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) produced a satirical video called “Ordering Pizza in 2015”. If you haven't already seen this, here it is, a humorous piece.

You can also check out their home page for other interesting news stories,

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