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Medical Post editor votes for doctors to rescue public health care in Canada

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Medical post editorialThe Medical Post editorial published on May 24, 2011 draws attention to a report co-authored by David Dodge and Richard Dion on "Chronic Healthcare Spending Disease". The editorial also offers several insights on why the editor votes for doctors to rescue public health care.

"David Dodge, the former Bank of Canada governor, in a report released last month by C.D. Howe Institute, outlined what he's called the four "stark and unpalatable" options we face with our unsustainable health spending:

  • a "sharp reduction" in other programs and services provided by government;
  • increased taxes;
  • increased spending by individuals, ...
  • a "major degradation" of publicly insured health care standards ..."

The editorial writer, Colin Leslie offers several insights and goes on to say, "But ultimately I believe Canada's political system has a better chance of resolving this problem than any other nation. ... And doctors are key to this. I truly believe that physicians, both because of their knowledge base and because, well frankly, they have a long tradition of unhesitatingly disagreeing with authority, will be the key players in finding the multifactorial solutions needed here.

Great nations solve their problems when smart people are involved in solving the problems of the day. Doctors, as the lead professional advocates for patients, have an almost holy duty to engage in this matter."

So how are doctors engaging? Or are doctors at risk of becoming cogs in the system?

Attached is the full editorial and here is a link to the report by David Dodge and Richard Dion.


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