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Unhealthy Connections: Government Electronic Health Record Systems

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The following is an interesting article on government initiatives for Electronic Medical Records.

Full article: Unhealthy Connections - Gordon Atherley Oct 2005

Unhealthy Connections: Government Electronic Health Record Systems

by Gordon Atherley

Governments in Canada place faith, funds, and urgency in electronic health record systems to improve Medicare. The goal, as they see it, is to gather better and richer information about the practice of health care in Canada, which will allow better management of the health system and reduce waste, inefficiency, or error, while improving support for health care providers and patients. They believe that the secret of the systems’ successes will be their connectedness among places and persons dispersed across an area as wide as Canada itself. But the benefits of these connected systems are increasingly questioned. And their connectedness could create a danger for any patient using any part of Medicare. ...


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