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Is this still the right way to give injections?

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injection technique with pullbackIs this still the right way to give injections, or are some of us just old fashioned, insisting on pulling back first to avoid injecting into a blood vessel? After seeing so many video clips on the news of vaccine injections being given without pulling back it may come as a relief to see this one from Global TV National news on November 26, 2021.

Attached is a video clip and an animated gif.


injection-with-pullback-animated.gif1.84 MB
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Maybe, maybe not

It depends on the needle bore. At 27 guage or smaller, it is unlikely that blood will track back especially in the short time shown in the clip.

After writing the above I did an internet search & came up with this

Aspiration if used should be 5-10 seconds.

Probably not required in routine immunization including Covid. 

Incidence of +ve aspirate in allergy practice, which would I assume be #27 or #30 guage was reported as zero in 36,000 cases by 1 paper.

My experience with flu shot this year, at a pharmacy, was that it was reduced from a 10 minute event including paper work in 2019 to 30 seconds in 2021. The actual injection was less than 3 seconds.

Injection of medications is considered separately.

With small injected liquid volume it probably doesn't matter, but with larger volumes and thicker needles as in antibiotics going back to the prior technique of quick through the skin but inject slowly to minimize the pain of stretching, seems better to me.

Lastly it is pointed out that autoinjector systems such as epipens are incapable of aspirating.

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