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Dr. Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver, BC – February 11, 2024.

Dr Charles Hoffe imageIf you are a doctor or a patient who is concerned about health care in BC, there are only a few days left to sign up to see the BC College of Physicians hearing on Dr. Charles Hoffe. This will be an opportunity to see how the College of Physicians disciplinary hearing works. Is the College sincere about seeking the truth and ensuring doctors provide proper medical care for the benefit of patients? Or is the College focused on control of doctors and to endorse government policies?

If you are interested in the online Zoom meeting, you may have to register by the end of this week, February 16, to ensure your opportunity to view the hearing from March 4 to 15, 2024. Instructions on how to register are provided below.

Dr. Charles Hoffe continues to practice medicine in the remote area of Lytton, BC. The College has not found any evidence to suspend his license. He is under investigation and facing this disciplinary hearing because of his public comments in 2021 regarding the Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr. Hoffe was trained in South Africa and has been practicing in Lytton BC for almost 30 years. It is well known among doctors that the medical training in South Africa is good and prepares doctors well to practice in rural and remote areas where access to sophisticated equipment is lacking and where they must rely on their own observations, assessments and skills.

Dr. Hoffe has practiced medicine in the remote area of Lytton BC since the early 1990’s providing general and emergency care to the people there, many of whom are indigenous. After the Sars-CoV-2 pandemic began at the start of 2020, Dr Hoffe did not see patients arriving with Covid and serious illness in his clinic or the emergency department. However, with the roll out of the novel Moderna vaccine in January 2021 to First Nations people in his community, Dr. Hoffe became alarmed by the rate of serious side-effects among these people. He notified the Health Authority and was told this was just a coincidence.

On April 5, 2021, Dr. Hoffe wrote an open letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry with details of his concerns. Instead of receiving support and assistance to investigate what was happening in his community, he found himself facing allegations that his comments were misleading, incorrect or inflammatory, and contributing to vaccine hesitancy.

Dr. Hoffe reached out to other doctors in North America and Europe to learn more about what might be happening to his patients. He learned that the D-dimer test might be helpful for assessment to determine if micro-clotting was occurring. He asked his patients who were receiving the vaccine if they would be willing to have the test before and after vaccination. As he began testing, notable differences were apparent although the number of individuals was small.

Then on June 30, 2021, there was a catastrophic wildfire that destroyed the town of Lytton including his clinic and the small community hospital. This caused great upheaval in the lives of people living there including Dr. Hoffe, his practice and his ability to continue with the investigative testing he had started.

Now, two and a half years later, he continues to practice in the area providing virtual care by telephone and in-person two days per week in a space provided by the First Nations people. He has continued to face allegations from the College for being outspoken about his concerns. But, he is not willing to drop his personal values of seeking the truth and following the Hippocratic oath to do no harm. He has been shouldering the resulting legal expenses himself and has been receiving some donations from others to help him.

The College has scheduled the dates for his hearing from March 4 to 15, 2024 and Dr. Hoffe has some knowledgeable experts who will share their findings.

To sign up for the online Zoom meeting of the hearing you must review the “Observer Policy”, complete the request, and email it to the College at least 7 days before the hearing begins, the sooner the better.

This will be an opportunity to see how the College process impacts medical professionalism and patient care to the public in BC.


Web Links:

CPSBC Hearing notifications

Dr. Charles Douglas Hoffe, Lytton, BC

The Committee will inquire into Dr. Hoffe’s alleged misconduct, namely that he contravened standards imposed under the Health Professions Act, including but not limited to the Canadian Medical Association's Code of Ethics and Professionalism by publishing statements on social media and other digital platforms that were misleading, incorrect or inflammatory about vaccinations, treatments, and public measures relating to COVID-19.

Date: March 4 to 8 and 11 to 15, 2024
Time: 9 a.m.
Location: Online via Zoom

CPSBC Observer Policy (Print, sign and email to College at

Reporters, members of the general public, and registrants are welcome to attend open board meetings or discipline hearings ...

For virtual hearings, an observer must contact the College to request access to the virtual meeting or hearing at least seven days prior to the meeting or hearing and provide:
a) full legal name of each observer;
b) email address that the access instructions to the hearing will be sent; and
c) telephone number that they will be available at during the hearing.

One day prior to the virtual meeting or hearing, the instructions to access the video conferencing platform will be provided to the email addresses of each observer. The access details, including the link, must not be shared with anyone.

Dr. Hoffe's open letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry

To financially support Dr. Hoffe with his significant legal bills click here:



CPSBC Hearing postponed regarding Dr Charles Hoffe

The CPSBC hearing regarding Dr Charles Hoffe has been postponed. A future date has not been set and it will be necessary for people to check back on the website to find out when it is rescheduled and to again submit a request to attend.

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