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Rick Mercer's 2013 Rant - Scientists Muzzled Again

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Rick Mercer Rant Scientists Muzzled Again

This is one of my favorite Rick's Rants. In less than 2 minutes he lays it all out. Beginning with the problem for scientists then in the middle he turns it up a notch, "Get over yourselves. It's not like scientists are the only ones being told to shut up. No, it's everyone." Then after some fine examples he ends with a polite, "Thank you for not talking." A great entertaining and thought provoking rant.

Cheers to CBC for airing the rant again this week more than a year since it first aired. I remember seeing it then and just happened to catch it again while changing channels the other evening.



That Rick Mercer, always able

That Rick Mercer, always able to make us swallow the nasty pill with humour.

If people in position of influence, are just enjoying their free lunches (position and power) then it is either because they are spineless opportunists or simply part (or the) problem itself (aka should be removed).

Just because the rest of them (membership, citizenship etc) are simply apathetic and disengaged (a free ride for the sociopaths to take advantage of them and their position), doesn't mean other things (the current, wind, disease and poetic justice) will not eventually take care of them.

" arrogance, ignorance and incompetence. Not a pretty cocktail of personality traits in the best of situation.... in fact, in a leader, it is a lethal cocktail" G. Carter

Tincture of time, I guess

Of course I am just talking about our politicians ...

Have a good summer.


Cease fire banner, you don't speak for the people.