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New Telehealth platform

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Hi all:

As a FP and ER doctor since 1986, I've been involved of late with a software company that developed Verified Medical, a secure document storage and collaboration platform. With the arrival of COVID-19 we realized that there was a need for a free, secure video consultation platform that meets the needs of healthcare professionals for tele-working with PHIPA, PIPEDA and HIPAA compliance.

We recently opened the platform to the profession through and are seeking input from colleagues on how best to develop the platform functionality further. is a free-to-use and simple to operate platform with optional integration into Verified Medical, which is "pay as you go", if required. We have a small number of beta-testers and would like feedback on the platform if possible. 

I've attached an overview of the core functionality and have discussed this presentation with our group moderator. I am happy to discuss or answer any questions. A demonstration of the product can also be arranged.

Julian Lisinski

drCalls-info-sheet.pdf1.64 MB

This look like an interesting addon to any EMR

Thanks for sharing this information. It looks like a Telemedicine addon to use with any EMR. Also it is for use by physicians in Canada and the US. I wonder what it is like using it with specific EMR's like Oscar EMR and others. Are you able to do a group presentation remotely on something like Zoom?

Group presentation

Yes absolutely. A group presentation could be arranged. If I know how many are interested and what dates are best for everybody, then we can make the arrangements.

If there is enough interest we could do several presentations. This would enable people to trial the platform and then return with further questions.