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Medical Post "BCMA: EMR commitment worries B.C. MDs"

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Here is the link to the full text of one of two Medical Post articles referenced in a recent BCMA News Flash.

Medical Post - BCMA: EMR commitment worries B.C. MDs

Just the start:

"BCMA: EMR commitment worries B.C. MDs
July 04, 2006 | Matt Borsellino
Article from the BCMA's annual meeting
Patient confidentiality and vendor competition cited as ‘huge concerns’

VANCOUVER | Physicians across British Columbia are growing concerned about terms of a $150-million commitment to electronic medical records (EMR) contained in a newly ratified contract with the province.

The groundswell is significant because it involves doctors who say they aren’t Luddites. Some admittedly don’t already have an investment in EMRs, but most of them do.

Further, two major advocacy groups have notified the B.C. Medical Association about their discomfort with the way things are unfolding. ...

Robert Hewett, departing CEO of CMA Holdings, the Canadian Medical Association's financial services arm, helped launch a practice technology assistance service five years ago. ... Hewett is also clearly concerned about who will have custody of patient data. "In a non-digitized world, the physician plays the role of custodian and has done so such that the level of trust between patient and physician is extremely high," he said. "Repeated surveys indicate the public does not have the same level of trust in governments. My fear is the misuse of such data could destroy the independence of the physician/patient relationship." Finally, Hewett finds it "strange" that a government would initially promote the alternate service provider solution "when the issue of trust exists and data storage access is unresolved". ... "



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