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"The More Things Change..." - Dr. John O'Brien-Bell

Dr. John O'Brien-Bell, GP and BCMA President 1986-87.

"The bottom line was the determination ... to harness the power of the grassroots."

Video highlight from June 3, 2006 Forum for Physicians, Vancouver.

"The More Things Change ... "
Dr. John O'Brien-Bell, GP and BCMA President 1986-87

The More Things Change, Dr John O'Brien-Bell video link

Privacy of Patient Records - Vancouver Sun Editorial

The editorial in yesterday's Vancouver Sun shows that others are also concerned:

Questions about online medical records
The Vancouver Sun
Wed 10 May 2006
Page: A15
Section: Editorial
Byline: Gordon Greenhow
Column: Soundoff
Source: Special to the Sun

Bill C-74 MITA - formerly lawful access

For anyone that is interested the federal government recently unveiled Bill C-74, the Modernization of Investigative Techniques Act, better known as lawful access. The following link provides a good overview of the implications of these legislative changes to us all: The Lawful Access Spin

And also this link from the University of Ottawa:

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