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What is Bill C-51 about?

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Have you been wondering what Bill C-51, the Anti-terrorism Act 2015, is about?

Here's a two minute guide.

Start with a look at

If you have a minute and a half check out the video part way down that page, "Who will watch the spies?" After clicking play if it seems to not be working be patient as it may be a little slow to load but is worth the wait.

To play the video requires your browser to allow requests to several third-party sites and the fact that it is not clear what all the third party requests are is a bit of a shame. However, it is a nice short video you'll probably enjoy.

After that take a look at the information and petition on

That's the end of the two minute guide.

There's alot more on the net if you want to browse further, including:

Thousands levied for access to anti-terror bill memos