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Viscose rayon and health effects on workers during manufacturing

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 Fake Silk by Paul BlancPaul Blanc, University of California professor of medicine, chair of occupational and environmental medicine and author of the book "Fake Silk - The Lethal History of Viscose Rayon" has written about the dangers and health effects to workers in the manufacturing of these materials.

In a recent radio interview on CBC The Current he talks of the dangers and medical effects of exposure to carbon disulfide used in the manufacturing process and the diversity of products. He speaks of places where there are better working conditions and worker safeguards while there are other places where this is not so.

The toxic effects of carbon disulfide are dramatic and onset early. It easily travels into brain tissue and causes insanity along with other medical problems.

There is a tendency to think the products, like clothes made with viscose, are not harmful because they are made with cellulose or bamboo and while the products pose no risk to consumers it is in the manufacturing that dangers exist.

Listen to the full interview, the-current-for-february-9-2017-why-rayon-is-killing-industry-workers


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