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Larry saves the Canadian healthcare system - a musical satire

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Dr D. Naismith, Vernon BC, Jun 22, 2022

Larry saves the Canadian Healthcare System imageThis is an enjoyable musical satire. Each episode is five minutes or so and covers different aspects of the healthcare system from the crisis in lack of family doctors to overcrowded emergency departments, patients in hallways and more. An interesting take on the Canadian healthcare system problems and the production is well done judging from the first four episodes released.

On YouTube: Larry saves the Canadian Healthcare System

Here's the channel listing:

Addendum June 23: Episodes 5, 6 and 7 have just been released. Are we now seeing biases appearing from the producer Sara Kreindler and her previous work? Episode 5 is not a balanced view on guidelines and where they may be a hindrance to care. Likewise, episode 6 is a tilted view of Tommy Douglas and negotiations in the formation of our public healthcare system. What might we see in the last remaining episodes?

For some background on the work of Sara Kreindler use your preferred Internet search engine to look for "pubmed sara kreindler" and see a list of published articles.

OpenGov listing for Sara Kreindler


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