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Federal Government seeks intervenor status in B.C. health care court case

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Z. Essak, MD - Vancouver - April 26, 2016.

Below is a link to the Globe and Mail article from April 13, 2016.

Hopefully, the debate around the court case, involving Dr. Brian Day's private Cambie Surgery Centre and the BC Provincial Government with a trial scheduled to begin June 6, will not become polarized with views of exclusivity between public and private health care but instead what we could and should do to make public health care more effective so that escape valves, like private care, are less needed without eradicating access to private care by individuals should they need it.

How far do individuals have to go? If the public system delivers the needed service great. If not, is there private care here at home in Canada or do people have to go to other countries?

The biggest mistake is to see this court case as a discussion about public versus private health care rather than the importance of making health care better, making public health care better to lessen the need for more escape valves of private care while respecting people's rights should they need.

How much is the Federal Government going to spend on the legal case and lawyers fees? Will this include delays and diversions with legal processes? Or will the Federal Government have a limited, lean, observant team to be present?

Meanwhile, will the Federal Health Minister, Dr. Jane Philpott, and the Federal Liberal Government continue to explore how to improve health care rather than just spending more and more money? And will the Federal Government use renewal of the Health Care Accord as an opportunity to ensure Federal transfer payments are contributing to an effective public health care system? Not one that is without their input?


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