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"Cracked Science" light-hearted in-depth science for everyone

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The youtube channel "Cracked Science" with Jonathan Jerry provides some good humour and scientific knowledge in ten minute episodes to bring you up to speed and get you thinking.

Take a look at CRISPR is a Puppy and learn how gene therapy may be applied to human diseases.

Another episode helps to debunk the media hype on the discovery of a new human organ - "the Interstitium, the largest organ we never knew we had", Does a New Organ Explain Acupuncture? While some of this is opinionated to the reporter's own views on acupuncture, the evidence of the Interstitium is a good reminder of what we already know.

Cracked Science, from the McGill Office for Science and Society (OSS), is dedicated to the promotion of critical thinking, separating sense from nonsense.


[CRISPR is a Puppy]

[Does a New Organ Explain Acupuncture]

[Cracked Science]

[McGill OSS, Separating sense from nonsense]




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