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BCCLA provides synopsis of the SCC decision on death with dignity

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BCCLA team on the steps of the SCCThe BC Civil Liberties Association has posted a brief synopsis of the Supreme Court of Canada decision on death with dignity.

The BCCLA filed the case in 2011 on behalf of Gloria Taylor, who suffered with ALS, Dr William Schoichet, a family doctor and Ms. Carter and Mr. Johnson from Roberts Creek, BC who accompanied Ms. Carter's 89 year old mother, Kathleen (Kay) Carter, to Switzerland to peacefully end her life.

The Court determined that the prohibition on assisted dying is overbroad. More over the ban is not justified. The Court concluded that individuals who meet rigorous criteria should be able to receive assistance in dying.

Despite this ruling, Parliament and the provincial legislatures are not obliged to enact legislation. If no action is taken, physician-assisted dying will be regulated in the same manner as other health care matters.

The complete synopsis is available at