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An appeal to heal the wounds from the past: 111 years ago, and from the 2021 CMA AGM

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September 30, Tweet by Dr. Alika Lafontaine2021

Open letter to CMA Board Chair
and CMA President-Elect.

Dr. Suzanne Strasberg, Board Chair, Canadian Medical Association,

The tweet by Dr. Alika Lafontaine, CMA President-Elect, and your re-tweet of his message leave many physician colleagues with the strong impression that some folks are slow to learn and apply the principles of fair democratic practice. Instead, the content reflects arrogance, bias, and contempt.

Tweet by Dr Alika Lafontaine Retweet by Dr Suzanne Strasberg

We hope that, in your leadership positions, you will reflect on this more than once during today's first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

As we go forward, "All Voices Matter!" and are deserving of respectfully being listened to - that is true inclusion and democracy.

All CMA members deserve nothing less! We sincerely hope that the CMA can get back on the track of democracy.

The irony of this is astounding as we look back through our history and see things like this from 111 years ago in the Victoria Daily Times on May 16, 1910 wherein a cartoon "depicted the presence of the Songhees reserve on the inner harbour impeded the city's progress".

From Victoria Daily Times, May 16, 1910 & Songhees Nation Presentation,%2...



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