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The 3D defence; Deny, Delay, Destroy.

Corporate Personality Disorder book coverBook Review

The book, "Corporate Personality Disorder, Surviving & Saving Sick Organizations" by Eli Sopow, PhD draws heavily on medical practice examples and describes how "at the core of the Organizational Family Tree is the Triangle of Trust, which combines authority, responsibility, and accountability through a harmonious balance of communications, cooperation, and connectivity to others." He offers critical success factors for each of these six factors.

Eli Sopow shares thoughts on resistors, conductors, and turbulent change and how "those who feel defensive about their authority, accountability, and responsibility being questioned ... defend themselves and the organizational personality with the 3-D defense. First Deny there's a problem." Then the organization will "drag its heels" and Delay "promises of reform". As things persist, "public relations spin doctors and steel-eyed corporate lawyers will try to Destroy critics' commitment and credibility, limit their access to resources, and undermine their faith in their past experience."

This book makes good reading for members and leaders of organizations along with "Good to Great" by Jim Collins, and "Thin on Top" by Bob Garratt.



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