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Travel chaos on returning to Canada

Across this morning’s National Post front page is emblazoned a headline and picture of travel chaos at Pearson International. This is amplified by several articles on the inside. Our return trajectory from Heathrow to Vancouver via Calgary on June 9th was simply awful. Westjet left London an hour late, which, combined with the delays caused by idiotic government policies on arrival, made us miss our connection to Vancouver.

Time to Re-invent the Canadian Medical Association

Dr Chris Sedergreen - 29 April 2022

The humiliating defeat of the Canadian Medical Association in the Supreme Court of BC is about as clear a statement as it is possible to make that the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is a failed entity, and that it’s present form should be dismantled forthwith.

‘Humiliating defeat’ you ask? Well, you could certainly be forgiven for not knowing about it, since the CMA, the CMA Journal, and the CMA web site have been deathly silent about it.

Getting easier to de-Google or de-Apple

efoundation-ungoogledYou hate those ads and pesky messages from Google, but you’ve become increasingly dependent on their services, right? Cloud storage, Gmail, Google Calendar and so on have just become so necessary that you feel you have to put up with the intrusions on your privacy and constant marketing of 'stuf', and being stalked by trackers everywhere you go? Well, there are alternatives, but one is growing rapidly and can do everything you want and need without those downsides: the eFoundation (Android) operating system.

Tracking Pixel

I learned a new term today: ‘tracking pixel’. Why should you care? Read on:

A tracking pixel is an HTML code snippet which is loaded when a user visits a website or opens an email.

… various information about the user is also transmitted using this method.

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