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BC Medical Association does NOT want members to attend the AGM on June 1st.

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Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, BCVancouver, BC - May 31, 2013 - Z. Essak

On June 1, 2013 the BC Medical Association will hold its Annual General Meeting in Vancouver, BC at the Pan Pacific Hotel. This is an opportunity for doctors across British Columbia to provide input and to ask important questions of their leadership.

Why then, would the “Platinum Sponsor” for this event, the Canadian Medical Association, schedule a conference on the same date and time as the BCMA AGM?

In fact, the BCMA is sponsoring doctors to attend the other conference instead of coming to the AGM.

Dr. Zafar Essak asks, “Why doesn't the BCMA want their members to attend the AGM? What have they got to hide? Is it because they don’t want to answer difficult questions from the members?”

Physicians providing front line care know where to find efficiencies and know how to make the health care system more effective with better patient outcomes. The problem is, they cannot speak out on your behalf without facing court actions by the Ministry of Health and being sued by their own Health Authorities.

The public may not even be able to know what problems there are in the BC Health Care system because the Physician Services Committee will determine from the top what is communicated and done. This is a result of the BCMA negotiations with the BC Liberal Government.

I am left asking the question, “Does the BCMA Board represent the values of BC doctors, especially when the Courts tell us the Board broke its own rules, breached a contract and denied an individual doctor’s fundamental rights of natural justice?”

With less than 8% of members voting in the BCMA election this year, one might ask has the BC Medical Association indeed become irrelevant?

Will these and other difficult questions be answered at the BCMA-AGM on Saturday June 1st?

From: BCMA Communications
Date: 8 March, 2013 2:21:05 PM PST
Subject: BCMA Sponsoring Specialist Physicians attendance at the Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership

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