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Christmas Carols and Songs for 2020

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Hark When Bonnie Henry Speaks sheet music imageAfter the start of a discussion by our colleague Dr David Naismith sharing a parody on "We Three Kings" with lyrics by R.G.Huff another colleague, Dr Chris Sedergreen, added several more Christmas songs and carols where he has penned words for reflection of 2020. First shared by email they are now here for more people to enjoy. They are attached as pdf files with the words and the music.

There are pdf files for each of the four songs: "We Three Queens", "Tread The Ward", "The Rest’raunt Sign Says ‘Closed’ Again" and "Hark When Bonnie Henry Speaks".

With the first one, "We Three Queens", Dr Sedergreen added, "I just cleaned up the formatting and added the harmony. One of my past connections was a well known Vancouver Jazz singer, Kate Hammet-Vaughan Vancouver BC-based jazz vocalist: performances, singing lessons & vocal coaching · Kate Hammett-Vaughan ( She and two female partners formed a group called "We Three Queens" and they used to perform at various popular venues. We've lost touch unfortunately, but was reminded of the name of her group."

With the second one, "Tread The Ward", Dr Sedergreen added, "Oh dear, once I start I can't seem to stop!"

With the third one, "The Rest’raunt Sign Says ‘Closed’ Again", Dr Sedergreen added, "Topical but nowhere near as funny as Bob Rivers' version which you can find at:   Restroom Door Said, "Gentlemen", The - The Bob Rivers Show."

With the fourth one, "Hark When Bonnie Henry Speaks", Dr Sedergreen added, "In 4 part harmony and soprano descant for 3rd verse!"

Hope you enjoy these with your family and friends, virtually of course, and if you decide to record any performances of them please post links to your videos or recordings as comments.

We_Three_Queens.pdf88.7 KB
Tread_the_Ward.pdf73.27 KB
The_Restraunt_Sign_Says_Closed_Again.pdf92.33 KB
Hark_When_Bonnie_Henry_Speaks.pdf95.66 KB